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Central Vacuum

Woman using Central Vacuum system in Home The bag of sugar falls off of the kitchen counter – and you have a mess that needs to be cleaned up. Now you have to walk to the closet, wrestle with the vacuum cleaner, plug it in, clean up the mess, and then put it away. A small mess has taken away your time and wrecked your morning schedule. If you had a central vacuum that took only minutes to use, the entire ordeal would be over in a few minutes.

A central vacuum makes clean ups easy, and the dirt, dust, and allergens that are collected are completely removed from your home’s environment. This reduces allergic reactions and improves the breathing quality of the air in your home. Not only areCentral Vacuum Connection you keeping your home clean, you are also keeping your air clean!

The canister for the central vacuum is usually located in the garage, which means all of the dirt and dust is located outside of your home – and you can attach the implements to the canister and vacuum out your car, SUV, or mobile home. Locating the canister in the garage keeps the noise of the vacuum outside of your home, a plus for families with young children and pets.

ITG installs Beam, which is manufactured by industry leader Electrolux. Central vacuums are installed mostly in homes that have not been fully built. However, if you own a home and would like a central vacuum system installed, contact us, we may be able to help. The vacuum inlets are strategically placed around your house to overlap – so you have complete access to vacuum every space in your home. Simply attach the lightweight hose, and you are ready to clean!

Sweeping up CrumbsA central vacuum system helps keep dirt and allergens out of your house, and it also is much quieter. The lightweight hose can be stored in your nearest closet, and is easy to move from room to room. Our trained and knowledgeable techs handle your central vacuum installation, and will also review the equipment with you so you are comfortable with using it.

Save time and keep your home – and air – clean with a central vacuum installed by the experts at ITG. To schedule an appointment with ITG, simply call 877-560-3280 or email us.

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