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Home Security

Family in front of HouseYou want your family to be safe, and you also want your home and its possessions to be protected. Home security provides you with more than a security blanket, it is an excellent deterrent to criminals, and can save your family’s life in the event of fire and other emergencies. ITG’s home security services have been protecting our clients for more than two decades.

Using the latest technology, ITG can install touchscreens, motion detectors, glass break detectors, smoke/heat sensors, contacts and other devices to keep your family, home, and possessions safe from harm. Carbon dioxide (CO2) detectors can also be installed to warn you and your family if this harmful, odorless gas appears in your home.

Alarm System App on Tablet

These sensors and alarms can be paired with your phone, tablet, or computer for easy control and monitoring. Security cameras inside and outside of your home can be viewed on any mobile device or computer. This enables you to make sure your home is safe when you are at the office or away on vacation.

In addition to these traditional sensors and alarm systems, ITG can also install safe monitors that alert you if your safe is touched or tampered with in any way. Should this occur, an alarm immediately sounds and you are notified via phone, text, or email. This is an excellent system for homeowners who keep valuables and documents in their home, or who own gun safes.

Besides installing the security systems and sensors, ITG also offers 24 hour monitoring service. Should any of the sensors or alarms in your home be triggered, a signal will immediately be sent to our central monitoring station. You will receive a call that the alarm has been triggered, and the local police will be notified and dispatched to your home, if need be.

Protect your family, home, and possessions with the latest in sensors and security systems. Our experts will meet with you to discuss your options, and the best way to install the security system. After installation, we will make sure the proper software and applications have been downloaded to your phone and tablet, and teach you how to use them.

Home security does not have to be overwhelming or expensive, but it needs to be installed by experts who have decades of experience. To schedule an appointment with ITG, simply call 877-560-3280 or email us.


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