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Home Automation

iPhone Home Automation AppHow can you save energy, save time, and simplify your life? Simple: home automation systems installed by ITG and powered by alarm.com. We use the latest technology, and sync it with your phone, tablet, or computer, so you can do everything from control your thermostat from anywhere in the world, to creating ambient lighting and atmosphere throughout your home.

With home automation, homeowners save energy by scheduling times for their air conditioning or heating systems to turn off and on. In addition, remote controls from your phone, tablet, or computer allow you to turn lights off and on as needed. Of course, all of these processes can be scheduled and then never touched again, if that is your preference.

Another benefit to home automation is being able to check on the security of your home. After working with ITG, you will be able to turn your alarm system off and on from wherever you are. Door locks can be opened and closed automatically, so you can allow friends, neighbors, and service people to enter and exit your house at your discretion.

Tablet Home Automation SystemWhen we work with clients on home automation, our first step is to meet and discuss the project. Our techs and sales team are familiar with the latest technology, software, and hardware, and enjoy answering questions and making sure the system you purchase is the best fit for your needs.

In some cases, we may have to hard wire control panels or switches inside your home or business. We are experts at this type of installation, and our techs will leave your walls looking like they did before the controls were installed. We make sure all of the wiring is done to code to ensure safety.

Home automation makes your life much easier and controllable, and allows you to save money on your heating, cooling, and energy costs. Security is another benefit to home automation, providing you with peace of mind whether you are at work or enjoying yourself on vacation.

Contact the experts at ITG about your home automation needs. All of our representatives are extremely familiar with the details of home automation, and they can answer any of your questions. To schedule an appointment, call ITG at 877-560-3280 or email us.

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