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3 Business Security Myths to Avoid

Business Security

These 3 myths about business security could have disastrous impacts.

Every business needs a good security plan in place to protect their employees, their customers, and the inventory that they carry every day. Unfortunately, many business owners have misconceptions about what business security is and how it can benefit their bottom line. Today, we are debunking three of the biggest myths about business security today.

Burglaries Happen at Night

This common misconception leads to rude awakenings for business owners who are robbed during the daylight hours. While the image of a thief breaking it at night is synonymous with burglary, many thieves actually scope out businesses and areas during the day. If they see security cameras or other security equipment while staking out your business, they will be discouraged from attempting anything. Security cameras also help to reduce the likelihood of an employee stealing from you during the workday, an all-too-common occurrence.

Insurance Will Take Care of It

Some business owners don’t see the point in investing in security systems for their business because they assume that their insurance company will take care of things for them. While insurance will cover the physical property inside of your store that was stolen or damaged, burglaries don’t just affect the physical things inside of your store.  Emotional energy, a loss of business hours until the damage is repaired, and expenses that come with court costs can all add up very quickly. These things can’t simply be repaired with insurance.

Your Business Is Too Small

This is one of the most pervasive business security myths today. Every business, no matter how big or how small it is, is a potential target for a burglary. Businesses are not typically robbed because of how big or small they are. Instead, they are robbed because thieves saw an easy opportunity to sneak in and take something from you. A security system, designed for the size of your location, will deter thieves no matter how big or how small you are.

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