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Benefits of Installing a Central Vacuum

Central Vacuum

Here are some of the many benefits of having a central vacuum installed in your home!

A central vacuum can totally transform the way that you clean your home. If you are tired of carrying your vacuum and all of the accessories around your house to keep your home tidy, read on for some of the many benefits of installing a central vacuum in your home.

Less Noise

Vacuums are incredibly noisy and prevent you from getting any cleaning done when someone is sleeping (or if your pets don’t like the noise). Central vacuums are very quiet, as the motor or main cause of noise is located in the garage or basement. You can get your work done when and where you want to without worrying if you’re bothering anyone!

Very Easy to Use

The easier it is to do household chores, the more likely you and your family are to complete them. Central vacuums make household chores a breeze, and maybe even fun. Without needing to haul a huge, heavy, and bulky vacuum around the house you can focus on getting the job done quickly and easily. Many homeowners keep a cleaner home simply as a result of having a central vacuum.

Kick Your Portable Vacuum to the Curb

A central vacuum can totally replace your portable vacuum, as nothing is more portable than being already installed in every room of your home! Central vacuums don’t:

  • Need power cords, extension cords, or untangling
  • Re-circulate dust particles that can cause allergies
  • Need to be emptied frequently, as they have a very large capacity
  • Have issues with changing filters
  • Need to be replaced as frequently
  • Cost as much as purchasing multiple portable vacuums over their lifetime
  • Weigh nearly as much as a portable vacuum
  • Need any training to use
  • Take much time to use

We guarantee that you will love the new central vacuum you get installed in your home!

Central Vacuums from Integrated Technologies Group

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