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Planning a Central Vacuum System

Central Vacuum Household Cleaning

Planning is an important part of having a central vacuum system.

If you’ve decided to take the leap and install a central vacuum system, the first thing you have to do is properly plan for it. Your layout plan should be efficient and effective and ensure that your whole house is properly cleaned.

Whether you intend to hire an installer or do it yourself, you should first figure out the best places for the vacuum inlets – both for your own convenience when you use the appliance, and because locations will affect the ease of installation and, accordingly, the cost.

Fewer Inlets Keep Costs to A Minimum

Every planned inlet will raise the cost of a system and increase the possibility of air leaks, which decrease the system’s suction. It is obviously important to plan carefully in order to keep the number of inlets to a minimum.

Most houses need one or two inlets on each story, centrally located, so that every corner of every room is within the vacuum hose’s reach (typically about 30 feet).

Though inlets are best located along the base of interior walls, they may be installed in floors if they are placed away from foot traffic (all floor inlets should have metal covers).

In a single-story house with a basement or crawlspace, tubing can run under the floor and stub up a short distance into walls or directly serve floor inlets (by far the easiest method when retrofitting).

Interior, non-bearing walls not supported by foundations or beams are generally easiest to penetrate from below.

Another popular option is to run tubing horizontally in an attic and then drop it down through a wall or into a closet or cabinet. The best runs are short, straight, and direct.

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