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Where is Home Automation Going?

home automation

Pretty soon, even “the push of a button” will be outdated.

Earlier this month industry leaders in home automation met for the annual Connections Conference in San Francisco to discuss the future of their industry. Topics ranged from security innovations to attracting more people to the world of home automation. The most exciting part of this conference is getting a glimpse at where home automation is headed, and how advancements in technology are changing home automation. With this in mind we take a glimpse at just what the future may hold.

Voice Control

Most people have heard of Apple’s Siri, but Amazon’s Alexa can work with other home automation devices to create a voice controlled smart home. Right now, most of the devices that work with Alexa control lights or connected thermostats, or can turn appliances on or off via smart outlets and switches. With the use of IFTTT (If This Then That) programs, devices and apps can be linked to perform multiple actions with a single command. Heading to the grocery store? Just ask, “Alexa, what’s on my shopping list?” and anything you’ve previously asked Alexa to add to your list will be emailed to you via the GMail app.

Connected Healthcare

Home-based health and wellness solutions currently focus on preventative care, mostly exercise, through the use of wearable devices. But imagine if your fitness tracker connected to your home automation system and could do things like tell your TV to show a message suggesting you turn off the TV and do something else based on your step count for the day. More advanced applications include senior care and connected medical devices, like an inhaler that delivers real-time data to its user and their physician.

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