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Are Smart Locks Really Worth It?

Smart Locks

Smart locks have come a long way, but are they worth investing in quite yet?

Keys of different varieties have been around for hundreds, if not, thousands of years. We’ve all used them. We generally understand how they work and how vulnerable they can be. Some are better than others. And now that the simplest of devices in the home are connecting to the cloud, it’s time to figure out just how safe or smart these new-fangled smart locks really are.

Are They Safer?

Smart locks may be fancier and more expensive than a normal door lock, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it is more safe or secure. Many first-generation smart locks offered compromised, less expensive locks with all of the smart trimming. It’s also important to make sure the smart tech you are buying actually works as advertised. That’s not always the case, which is dangerous. Some early locks using Bluetooth beacons couldn’t actually tell which side of the door you were on, meaning if your phone was inside the house and near the door it could still be unlocked, causing a serious inconvenience. Assuming you have found a lock that is safe and works the way you want it to, it’s important to keep an eye on how the app behaves on your phone.

Are They Easy to Use?

For many people, one of the best things about smart locks is smartphone integration. Once a person has downloaded the app that works with a smart lock, they can lock and unlock the door from afar. That means if they embark on a road trip and don’t remember that they left the front door unlocked until an hour into the journey, there’s no reason to turn around and go home. They can just launch the app and secure their home with a phone. Some leading brands even let you use an app to verify whether the door’s locked or not. You can even unlock the door from miles away from an app on your phone so that you no longer have to be physically present to let someone into your home. However, that, of course, means that you’ll want to double down on security for your smartphone!

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