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Home Theater Receiver: What to Look For

home theater receiver

The home theater receiver is the hub for all your other devices.

Home theater receivers, also called AV receivers, are like the brains of your home theater operation. These not so little black boxes are in charge of a surprising number of things, including making sure your audio sounds its best and is matching up with your video. In audio speak, a home theater receiver is a preamplifier, a tuner and an amplifier, all in one. Here’s a quick primer on what you should look for in a home theater receiver.

HDMI Inputs

This is a big consideration for receivers. Just about every component of a home theater uses HDMI, so the number of inputs your receiver has will determine how many components you can run. Make sure to consult with the company installing your home theater as to how many ports are appropriate for your set up.


Some receivers come with built in Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to help connect to your theater system and devices. Being able to play music from your phone or tablet without any annoying AV cables getting in the way or confining you to one room is one of the best features of a wireless capable receiver. You can also play different music in different rooms by connecting your receiver to your home network, as long as your receiver supports that feature.

Speaker and Video Compatibility

You definitely want to make sure your receiver will work with your speakers and television. The technical jargon and acronyms to explain what works best with what goes on for miles, so the best thing to do is talk to a professional and have them install your home theater. The benefits go way beyond some friendly advice on compatible components.

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