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Hosting your Home Theater Party


Home-Theater-ScreenOne of the main benefits of having a home theater system installed in your home is the ability to entertain friends and family. Once you have a home theater system, hosting a party is easy! For those who have never held a home theater party before, here are a few things to consider!

  • Theme- The first thing to consider when planning your party is a theme. Consider the interests of your guests and choose a theme for the evening. Movies can make a theme easy: westerns, romantic comedies, action and adventure. With new services like Netflix and Hulu, your party doesn’t have to be movie themed. If there is a television series your friends are interested in, have a binge party to watch a whole season together. Gamers can also have a gaming night with specific games used for a theme.
  • Snacks- Use your theme to help you consider the food served for the evening. If you want to give guests the feeling of being at a theater, serve movie theater favorites like buttered popcorn and candy. If you party will span over a few hours, consider fun appetizers to keep guests feeling full.
  • Comfort- You want to ensure your guests are comfortable throughout the evening. Be sure to provide plenty of seating options, pillows, and blankets to keep everyone comfortable as you view your flicks. Have your blinds drawn in order to prevent glare on the screen and ask everyone what temperature is best.
  • Intermissions- To prevent guests from becoming restless, provide intermissions as you view. In-between movies or show episodes, allow guests to get up and replenish their food or drinks while also checking their phones. This will prevent interruptions while viewing.


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