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Why do you Need Home Security?

Home Security

Home security systems are quickly becoming a staple throughout Maryland homes. Whether your home is brand new or older than you are, a home security system can be installed to help keep your home protected. However, there are some homeowners that refuse to have a system installed because they believe it is unnecessary. What they fail to see is why a home security system is needed for their home.

A home security system is needed for your Maryland home for the following reasons:


  • Protection for Family- Whether you are living with just a spouse and your pet, or with your three children, protecting your loved ones is the most important thing to most homeowners. A home security system can help keep your family safe while you aren’t home. Cameras can help you monitor the activity occurring when your children are home alone or with a new babysitter or caregiver. You can also know how often someone enters or leaves your home.
  • Protection for Possessions – After your family members, your possessions are another reason to have a system installed. Most of us have items that we worked hard to get while many of us have items that have been passed down through the family, making them irreplaceable. A home security system can help protect these important items from criminal activity.
  • Crime Deterrent- Several studies have shown that homes that have a system installed are less likely to fall victim to criminal activity, like burglary and vandalism, than those that lack a home security system.
  • Notification of Problems- While a home security system can help notify you when there is criminal activity, it can also help to notify you to other problems in your home, like the presence of smoke or carbon monoxide.


Integrated Technologies Group has been providing the residents of Maryland with quality home security systems for over a decade. Along with offering a home security system for your Maryland home, we also offer home theater services, home automation services, and central vacuum services. Integrated Technologies Group now provides the states of Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Delaware, and West Virginia with home security systems.

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