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Central Vacuum Questions


While many Maryland homes are probably with some type of vacuum or dry mop, most homes are not equipped with a central vacuum. However, the central vacuum is quickly growing in popularity, making it a hot demand for new homes. For homeowners who are already living in an older home, the concept of installing a central vacuum can be daunting. For many homeowners without a central vacuum, questions and uncertainty tend to keep them from considering installing a system. When a system is new and not commonly seen, homeowners tend to be less inclined to make a purchase.

Central Vacuum Questions

  1. What is the point of a central vacuum system? The system helps provide the same services as a portable vacuum cleaner, only more efficiently. The central vacuum allows homeowners to keep their home clean, their air clear, and their home higher in value.
  2. Can my older home have a central vacuum installed? This is one of the biggest questions surrounding the central vacuum. A system can be easily installed into an already existing home without any major construction. The only thing needed is a small hole that will then be hidden by the system.
  3. Will my suction be less effective as I move away from my power source? The motor of a central vacuum has noticeably more power than a portable device. This means that traveling throughout your home will never hinder the performance of your system.
  4. How does a central vacuum work? The system uses both a filter and a motor to help effectively clean and remove dirt from your home. The filter and motor is kept outside of the home, like in the garage, to allow easy mobility while cleaning as well as keeping the air cleaner and free of allergens.


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