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Choosing your Home Theater Screen

When homeowners begin the process of building their new home theater system, they are left with several decisions to make. While most homeowners know they have varying options when it comes to speakers, they don’t realize how wide of a selection they have when choosing their home theater screen. Many homeowners believe that one home theater screen can be used for all settings, but that is not the case.

When you begin to consider your home theater screen, you must consider the type of environment your system will be located. While large screens are ideal for most home theater systems, they require a certain amount of space between the viewer and the screen to allow a clear image. If you sit too close to your screen, you could be faced with a distorted image. The second thing to consider when choosing your home theater screen is the amount of light in your theater space. Some screens will become hazy if too much natural light is present when viewing while others can provide a clear picture no matter what. Determine if you will be participating in most of your viewing with lights off or on when choosing your screen. Some screens have different shades built in to eliminate any distortion that could be caused by sunlight or lamps. Another screen option to consider is 3D and 4K viewing.


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