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Family Home Automation Benefits

Family Home Automation

If you are a parent or guardian, you understand how important it is to keep your children safe at all times. That is why many working parents struggle during the school year. Parents want to know their children arrive home safely, but struggle to pick them up because of their work schedules, meaning their children must walk home from school. Once home, parents hope their children will give them a call to let them know they arrived home safely, but often children forget, which leads to parents worrying and ultimately an argument once everyone is home. With a family home automation system in place, parents can relax and children don’t have to worry about making phone calls.

A family home automation system allows parents to check in on their children and home at any given time. Parents can be notified when children come and go from the home, allowing them to monitor when their children arrive home from school or a friend’s home. Family home automation also gives parents the power to lock and unlock doors for their children, eliminating the risk of a forgotten or lost key.

Family home automation systems also give the power to control temperature and appliances to parents, even while they aren’t home. This means lights can be turned off, the thermostat can be adjusted, and a stove top can be turned off should a child forget amidst their playing or homework. This will not only help to keep children safe, but save on home energy bills as well.

Integrated Technologies Group has been providing the residents of Maryland with quality home automation systems for over a decade. Along with offering a home automation system for your Maryland home, we also offer home theater services, home security services, and central vacuum services. Integrated Technologies Group now provides the states of Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Delaware, and West Virginia with home automation systems.

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