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Home Automation and the Elderly

Home Automation

While home automation has been around for quite some time, it has become a more popular piece of technology over the past few years. What began as the ability to set a time on lights has become a must have for young couples and families beginning to purchase a new home. While the younger generation begins to find new ways to use home automation to benefit their busy schedules, it is important to keep in mind how this system can help older generations as well.

Many individuals who fall within the ages of late 40’s into their late 50’s are finding themselves playing the role of parent to both their own children and their parents as well. As our parents begin to age and reach their early to late 80’s, they begin to require more care than they once did. This can mean that some require more attention, sometimes to the point of having to move in with their children, which can be a hard transition for all parties involved. However, even once the move has been made, older parents must still be left at home alone while their children head off to work, which can keep parents uneasy. With home automation, children can be given the peace of mind that their elderly parents are safe.

A home automation system means that children can have the ability to do the following while being away from the house:

  1. Monitor the temperature within the home. This means if your parents have forgotten to adjust their thermostat on a particularly hot or cold day, you are able to make the change for them. This can also help decrease their energy bills.
  2. Set timers for outside lighting. The exterior lights will turn on and off when you want them to, helping to deter crime from the home of your parents.
  3. Monitor the use of appliances. You are able to notice if a light, stove, or other appliance is left turned on for too long. You also have the ability to turn off the appliance if needed.
  4. Keep doors locked or unlocked. You have the ability to lock the doors of your parents’ home should they forget upon returning. You can also unlock their doors should they misplace or forget their keys.


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