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Home Security Terminology Explained

Home Security Terminology

If you are new to home security systems, you may begin to feel confused and overwhelmed. As you begin to consider which system to use for your home, there may be home security terminology used that homeowners could find confusing. It’s important for homeowners to understand all home security terminology in order to reach a full understanding of the system they are willing to purchase. Here is some commonly used home security terminology:

  1. Carbon Monoxide Detectors- Carbon monoxide is a dangerous gas that cannot be detected by taste, sight, or smell. This type of detector will alert you should the gas be detected in your home.
  2. DIY Installation- This is when homeowners decide to install their wireless security system themselves. This method is not recommended; you don’t want to risk a malfunction with your security system.
  3. Cellular Monitoring – This type of monitoring is available with a wireless security system. This allows access to your security system through an uplink rather than a broadband or landline connection. You are also able to quickly connect to your monitoring center.
  4. Personal Security Devices – This is a small device that features a button. The device can be worn around the neck or kept in a pocket. When an emergency occurs, the button can be pressed to alert first responders.
  5. Upfront Cost-This is the price you pay as you begin your installation process. This cost typically includes the price of your system, the monitoring, and potential installation and activation fees. There isn’t one general upfront cost for all security companies, they tend to vary.



If you have any questions about home security terminology, ask the specialists at Integrated Technologies Group. We will make sure that you understand all terminology used when discussing your home security system, ensuring that you leave us feeling safe and confident.

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