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The Main Home Theater Components

Home-theater-mistakesThere are several steps a homeowner must take when it comes to creating their new home theater. They must first decide what area of their home they wish to have the system and then begin designing the layout of their home theater. As the designs begin, there are four main components of a home theater system that need to be considered.

  1. Acoustics: The acoustics of your room is a major component to consider with your home theater. Poor acoustics can lead to a poor experience every time you try to enjoy a movie or show. Consider the your flooring and ceiling materials as well as the placement of walls and furniture to determine what speakers will be needed and where to place them in order to achieve the best acoustics for your room and system.
  2. Video- Another essential piece to your system is the video screen and projection. There is a constant debate surrounding the choice of either a flat screen LED or an HD projector. Consider your budget and the quality you hope to get out of your system.
  3. Audio- Without audio, your home theater system will be left unusable. With this component, consider your type and size of speaker as well as receiver and cables. You should then consider where to place your speakers to have the best quality.
  4. Furniture and Lighting- In order to make your system work at its best, consider your lighting and furniture placement and options. Lighting can cause a glare across your screen while not enough furniture can cause a cramped seating arrangement.


Your Home Theater with ITG

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