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Improve Your Home Theater in Time For Football Season!

Home Theater

Your home theater needs to be perfect in time for the football season!

It’s nearly time for football season to begin and that means it’s time to improve your home theater! There’s nothing more fun than having all your friends over to enjoy the game together, but if you want to be the go-to house for football parties, you need to offer your guests the best experience possible. Having a high-quality home theater is definitely the best way to do that, but what elements of a home theater should you focus on? Read on below!

The Best TV Around

There are a lot of factors to consider when picking a television. The best TVs on the market at OLEDs–or organic light emitting diodes. They provide the best contrast and have no delay whatsoever, so you’ll notice less blur that you would see in a typical LED television. That said, OLEDs are still new and, as a result, very expensive. If you can’t opt for an OLED, you should instead purchase a higher end TV with a faster refresh rate. 120Hz is really ideal, but be careful because many manufacturers dress up TVs with worse refresh rates, so be sure to read reviews.

Ideal Sound Systems

There are two popular routes as far as sound goes this year. The first are soundbars, which are compact and easy to use. You’ll just need to plug an optical cable into your TV and run that to the bar and boom, you’re done, as easy as ever. The second option, which gives you a bit more robust choices, is to purchase a receiver. This option allows you to customize your sound setup to be tailored for your needs. If you have a rack CD player or even a record player, this may be a better option for you, as it is far easier to integrate other elements into a receiver than it is a soundbar. The receiver route will, ultimately, be far more expensive though.

Integrated Technologies Group Can Help Integrate Your Home Theater

Ready to have a smart home as smart as you are? Integrated Technologies Group has the expertise and great prices to make it happen. We have been providing Maryland residents with top-notch home theater services, home security services, and home automation services for over a decade. We work throughout Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Delaware, and West Virginia. Ready to get a quote to make your smart home dreams a reality? Give us a call at 1-877-560-3280 or visit us online. For more informative articles, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+.

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