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Protecting your Baltimore Home during Travel

Home AutomationWith the holidays just around the corner, many Baltimore homeowners will be leaving their homes behind as they head to warmer climates or visit family and friends. While a security system is a great deterrent for crime, there are other steps that homeowners can take to best protect their Baltimore home during travel.

So what can homeowners do to protect their Baltimore home during their time away?

Homeowners can first ensure that all locks are secure on the doors and windows of the home. A lock is one of the simplest deterrents against criminal activity, so simply double check your latches and handles before you head out of town. When you head out of town, avoid making an announcement on social media. While it is fun to share where you are heading and why, criminals are beginning to use social media to see who will be away from their home and for how long.

While your home security system is in place to alert you and the authorities of criminal activity, it never hurts to ask a neighbor or friend to check on your home while you’re gone. Having someone looking out for your Baltimore home can help spot suspicious activity and deter criminal activity.

It’s always a good idea to provide light on or in your Baltimore home while you are away. Outside sensor lights will kick on when movement is caught by the sensor and can illuminate the front and back yards of your property. Having indoor lights set to a timer in the evening can also give the appearance that someone is home, which can deter activity.

The last thing to do before leaving your Baltimore home is to properly activate and arm your home security system. This will help to not only deter activity, but also alert you and the property authorities should something occur while you are away.

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