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2016’s Trends in “Smart” Home Automation Technology


Smart home technology is truly changing the way we live in the 21st century.

What was once a work of science fiction is now not only a reality, but approaching the norm.  “Smart” home automation technology has been massively on the rise over the past few years, and 2016 promises further expansion in the industry. From being able to lock your front door to being able to control all the lights in your house — all done sometimes as easily as straight from your smartphone — the possibilities of home automation technology integration are tremendous. Here are a few areas that we see being big in 2016.

Programmable Thermostats

Whether the goal is to change the temperature from your phone or tablet or to have different areas of your home be subject to different temperature settings, thermostats are getting smarter all the time. This type of technology integration has the potential to save you lots of money on your energy bill before you know it.

Home Automation Security Systems

A personal door man that will open your door for you as you approach with arms full of groceries? Yes please! This is no longer an unreachable pipedream, with technologies that will unlock and even open your front door for you, either on command from your phone or as you approach your home. In addition, we’re also seeing advanced security systems that will let you keep an eye on your home via security cameras streaming to your phone or tablet, as well as systems that can be armed right from your pocket, too.

Decorative Home Automation

In addition to the sleekness of a snazzy piece of home automation technology, there are also pieces like Philips’ Hue lights that you can control from your smartphone. These will let you adjust brightness and even color of light in your home, and are just one of many cosmetic options that technology integration can offer.

ITG Can Help With Your Home Automation System

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