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Hot Home Theater Trends to Take Your Mind Off Winter Chill

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Smart TVs are just one popular way to add integrated technology to your media room.

It’s 2016 — shouldn’t every room in your house be fully automated and covered in TV screens and touch screens by now? Okay, maybe not every room, but at least one of them, right? For the most technologically savvy homeowners, staying up-to-date on home theater trends is of the utmost importance. If you haven’t already upgraded your media room with the latest integrated technology, perhaps you can gather some inspiration from these upcoming home theater trends.

Multiply Your Screens

While you won’t go wrong with one huge screen, current home theater trends point toward preferences of multiple (still large) screens. With so increasingly many viewing options at any given point in a day, viewers are becoming hesitant to limit their options to just one choice.

It’s Okay to Be Afraid of Commitment

A common cause for pause when committing to a media room full of integrated technology is that it limits that room to just the one function. Creating a hybrid space embraces home theater trends while maintaining the ability to live and entertain in that space on a regular basis. This can be achieved with more communal seating (as opposed to traditional theater seating) and lighter colors for your walls.

Integrated Technology is King

Home theater trends point to the impending App-pocalypse. Make your media room your tech bunker by adding as much integrated technology as you can. Smart TVs can turn one of your screens into a social media hub. Smart home technologies let you control your lights and screens from your phone. Internet-connected devices are the best way to achieve fully integrated technology in 2016.

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