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Build a Smart Man Cave with Home Automation for Father’s Day

home automation smart man cave

Give dad the ultimate man cave this Father’s Day with home automation.

Father’s Day is coming up on Sunday, June 19th. (You’re welcome for the reminder, wives and kids.) Every dad needs a good man cave, but your dad needs an amazing man cave. Let us help you build Pops the manliest and tech-y-est of all man caves this year with home automation.

Home Theater = Man Cave

Home theater technology is evolving faster than ever, so it’s easy to fall behind. Don’t leave your dad in a stone-age man cave and make sure all his tech is upgraded to the latest and greatest. Here at Integrated Technologies Group, we carry an expansive line of video and audio components from top-notch brands like Bose®, Samsung, LG, Sharp, and more. We’re also one of few select vendors of Bose’s Built-INvisible System that integrates seamlessly for a sleek and unobtrusive aesthetic. Any of these will guarantee dad a great place to watch the game, watch a movie, or listen to music, with some of the best audio and video quality available.

Automating Dad’s Home Theater

This is where things get really cool. Even if your dad still needs help working “the Google machine,” there are some awesome home automation systems that you can set up for him that he’ll never even have to interact with. For example, we’ve written a handful of blogs about IFTTT (If This Then That), an awesome home automation scheduling app. There are nearly limitless “recipes” that you can use to sync up dad’s man cave tech — off the top of our heads, you can connect his smart TV to his smart lights so that when the TV goes on, the lights go off or dim down. There are tons of options here, so take assessment of your tech and get creative!

If your dad is more the tech type, your options expand even further. From temperature control to home security and more, the future is now. Scroll through our blog for home automation ideas and inspiration for Father’s Day.


Give Dad the Future with Home Automation

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