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Choosing Internet Service for Home Automation (Part 2)

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Make sure you choose the right Internet service for your home automation!

Last week we wrote an article for you about choosing the best Internet service with home automation in mind. We taught you about the qualities to look for, and we wanted to follow that up with some advice on the different varieties of service out there and which one (or ones) in particular will work best for you. Without further ado, we have some explainin’ to do.

Understanding Internet Service

When you set out to find new Internet service for home automation, you’ll likely be confronted with a handful of choices that just sound like a bunch of mumbo jumbo. We hope to decipher some of that for you right here.


  • Digital Subscriber Line (DSL): Considering DSL Internet these days, especially for home automation, is almost like trying to use an abacus in advanced calculus. DSL uses telephone lines to deliver data, which simply cannot hold up to the speed necessary for home automation, let alone a reliable connection to standard sites like Facebook or YouTube.
  • Satellite Internet: Just like satellite TV, your home receives a signal from an orbiting satellite up in space. Some satellite Internet providers offer speeds fast enough for home automation (up to 25 Mbps), but if you’ve ever tried watching your satellite TV during a heavy rainstorm, you know that bad weather can bring serious signal struggles.
  • Broadband Cable Internet: This is among the most common Internet solutions these days, and provides Internet access through the same cables that bring you TV, travels through your router, and gives your home WiFi signal up to 250Mbps. It’s one of the fastest options available, and will definitely suffice for home automation.
  • Fiber Optic Service: Fiber optics are fancy. Data travels through fiber optic cables as light. That’s right — light. Fiber optic service isn’t available in all areas of the country, but where it is, it’s downright speedy. Download speeds can reach 300 Mbps and have virtually limitless bandwidth. Home automation is nothing to a fiber optic cable.


Okay, now you’re armed with at least a base knowledge of the different types of Internet service, go forth and venture into the world of home automation! We’ll be waiting for your call!


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