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Why You Should Be Powering Your Smart Home With Solar Panels

Smart Home

Solar energy is appealing to a lot of homeowners, but particularly those of us who own a smart home.

There are a few smart home products out there–namely, outdoor security cameras–that run exclusively off of solar energy. These products tout their energy savings as a potential selling point, and while it’s great to have more solar products, owners of smart homes may want to consider powering their entire home with solar panels, not just a few nifty gadgets. There are a number of reasons for any homeowner to invest in solar technology, but for those of us with a smart home, there are especially compelling reasons to invest in solar panels.

Negating Extra Energy Costs

Some forms of smart home tech, like lighting or watering systems, can actually reduce your overall energy bills by quite a bit. Others, however, like a state of the art home theater system, may ramp your monthly costs up. To combat this, a renewable energy resource like solar power may be the best solution. You’ll still be able to watch your movies and television shows just without draining energy from the grid, and instead relying on your own system.

Environmentally Friendly

Many homeowners who invest in smart home tech are also the kind of savvy, environmentally-concerned types to care about helping the environment as well. The majority of homeowners may be choosing solar for the financial benefits, but there are also a wealth of environmental benefits. Replacing your utility power with clean power is just one great way to help the environment benefit.

Use Your Smart Tech When You Need It

If the grid goes down due to a storm or outage, so too do your gadgets and tech. If you have a solar system however, you can purchase your own solar batteries that will keep you up and running in the event of a storm. This could mean the difference between you having access to perishable food items or being able to get around your home without bumping into things in the dark.

Integrated Technologies Group Can Help Integrate Your Smart Home

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