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How to Save Money With Smart Home Technologies

Smart Home Technologies

Investing in smart home technologies can actually save you money in the long run.

It may seem counterintuitive to suggest that you can actually save money with smart home technologies, but believe it or not, it’s totally possible. Of course, it will initially take a bit of an investment of both time and money to get your setup up and running. Over time, however, all of that technology can begin to save you money and time. If you’re wondering how to save money with smart home technologies, read on below to find out more.

Solar Powered Tech

Outdoor lighting, such as your patio lights, can be powered by solar technology instead of drawing from your home’s electrical. This is the best way to start out small with saving money via smart home technologies. It won’t be a huge upfront cost, but solar power can cost 20-30% lower than standard energy utilities, which can end up saving you a pretty penny.

Smart Power

Do you have a bad habit of leaving your lights on or does the television get left playing after you’ve gone to sleep? Smart home technologies can actually help you regulate how much power you use. Something like a smart outlet will let you cut power to something remotely or set a schedule for it. There are also plenty of smart lights out there so you can be sure that they’re only being used when people are actually in the room. This way, you can keep those energy suckers in line and only using power when you need to be.


It’s no secret that heating and cooling costs can be a massive contributor to your high energy bills. Older systems are usually inefficient and end up blasting cool or hot air to areas that frankly don’t need it. A programmable thermostat, on the other hand, will allow you to control the temperature in your smart home from your own devices such as your phone or tablet. This can reduce your energy consumption even when you aren’t home.

Integrated Technologies Group Can Help Integrate Your Smart Home Technologies

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