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How to Calibrate Your TV for a Better Picture

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Calibrating the picture on your television will bring out the best possible quality.

All of the best and most state of the art home theater equipment in the world will not make your home theater truly wonderful if your tv is not properly calibrated. A home theater combines all of the casual comforts of home with the big screen and sound impact of a night at the movies. However, that big picture will not be so grand if your tv is not movie ready. Read on to learn more about calibrating your tv and making your home theater experience truly magical.

The Professional Option

Calibrating your TV will give you a much better picture. You can do this by having it professionally calibrated. If you are not tech savvy but crave that state of the art look, this is ideal for you. A professional will already know all the tips and tricks to get the best picture from your television.

The DIY Option

There are ways to tweak your TV on your own terms. Rather than enlisting the expensive help of a professional, you can simply spend $30 on a test disc and take care of it yourself in about a half hour or so. Follow these steps to calibrate your TV like a pro.

-Buy a Spears and Munsil HD 2.0 Calibration Disc.

-Find the best picture mode: depending on your TV this can either be the ISF picture mode or any cinema or theater mode. If these are not available, look for a custom mode, but avoid any game, vivid, or sports modes.

-Make use of the warmest color temperature setting: this setting works with most modern TVs to insure the truest color.

-Turn off any unnecessary picture features: while all the extra settings can be fun to play with spontaneously, they can make calibrating your tv unnecessarily difficult.  

-Check picture geometry: Look for a setting called Zoom, Picture Size, or Aspect Ratio and make sure it is set to normal or just scan for the best possible aspect ratio.

-Set contrast and brightness: Use your disc to set contrast and brightness using the PLUGE test charts on its main menu.

-Make note of your exact settings so you can replicate them easily later.  

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