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Step Up Your Home Automation with IFTTT

home automation with IFTTT

IFTTT helps you make the most of home automation and security by finding new ways for your things to work together.

Home automation is designed to make your life easier by making your house do more for you. All of these technological advancements are great, but can seem disjointed at times. That’s the beauty of IFTTT (If This Than That), it takes two parts of the internet of things and helps them work together.

How IFTTT Works

IFTTT uses applets, formerly known as recipes, to combine the functionality of separate apps. The strong community around IFTTT means there’s a treasure trove of applets already out there, but you can make your own if you can’t find exactly what you need. Many applets don’t require you to initiate for the action to take place. For example, you can set up an applet to blink your smart lights whenever your smart doorbell rings.

Great Applets for Home Automation


  • Tell Alexa to set your temperature: We’ve talked before about how voice control is the cool new technology right now. Amazon’s Alexa has jumped to the front of the pack, and there are tons of great ways to utilize this technology, but adjusting your temperature by just talking has to be one of the best. Just imagine laying in bed before you go to sleep and telling Alexa to turn the heat down so you can save energy (and money) while you sleep?
  • Start Your Coffee When You Wake Up: Most smartwatches offer a sleep tracking feature that unless you have a medical need to track your sleep, can be considered more of a novelty than a required feature. While this applet might seem like a novelty, too, since most modern coffee makers come with a scheduled start feature, it’s great for anyone that works from home or has a fluctuating schedule.


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