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What to Look for in a Smart Lighting System

smart lighting system

Smart lighting systems have plenty of advantages, but how do you know which one has what you need?

Smart lighting is usually most people’s first step into home automation. Being able to control your lights from a tablet or smartphone starts as a thrill that turns into a timesaver and a part of your routine. Knowing where to start can be tough. There are plenty of options out there with tons of features, how is anyone expected to know what they need or what works? Here are the main aspects you should think about when considering a smart lighting system for your home.


First, we should distinguish between the three options for a smart lighting system. There are smart bulbs, smart plugs, and smart switches. Smart plugs and smart switches are used to control existing light fixtures. Smart bulbs replace regular bulbs and can be controlled directly. Some options will work with your home automation platform, and some may not. Make sure you consult with a home automation expert to make sure the system you choose will work with your platform.


Smart lighting systems come packed with features, so you’ll need to look closely at each product to make sure they offer the features you’d like. Smart plug and switches, as well as smart bulbs, will give you control over the system and let you do things like scheduling, dimming, voice control and even some IFTT options. Only smart bulbs, however, will give you different color and light warmth options.


In order to make sure your new smart lighting system works with the rest of your home automation platform, make sure you work with a reliable and experienced home automation company. An expert opinion on smart light options will ensure you find the right system for your home.

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