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Protect Your Home Theater with a Surge Protector

surge protector

Protect your equipment from an electrical surge with a surge protect.

All these tropical storms and hurricanes threatening to ruin Labor Day travel plans across the country had us thinking of hunkering down and enjoying a movie marathon weekend. The one thing threatening this low-key idea is the chance of a power outage. Even though they don’t usually last too long, thankfully, the resulting power surge can seriously damage home theater system equipment. Keep reading to learn how power surges happen and how a surge protector can help keep your home theater safe.

How a Surge Happens

A power surge happens when the flow of electricity is stopped and then restarts, or when electricity is sent back into a system. A power surge can either be internal or external. Internal power surges happen when an appliance with a motor is turned on and takes electricity from and send electricity to other appliances. A common example is when your air conditioner kicks on, you may notice the lights flicker. External surges are most commonly caused by lightning strikes, tree branches hitting power lines, or even small animals getting into transformers.

How a Surge Protector Works

Electrical surges are most dangerous to microprocessors like those found in home theater receivers and televisions. Microprocessors are extremely delicate, so even the smallest of surges can cause damage over time. Surge protectors keep your home theater system safe by limiting the voltage supplied to a device. This happens by the surge protector either blocking the unneeded voltage, or shorting it to ground.

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