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Life Hacks: Scheduling Home Automation with IFTTT

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Unlock a whole new world of home automation with IFTTT.

When you utilize home automation there are numerous ways both you and your home can benefit. IFTTT (If This, Then That) is an awesome Internet of Things automater/scheduler/life-maker-easier. In order to make your home smarter and your life easier use these three home and life hacks with home automation and IFTTT.

Automated Lighting

No one likes the feeling of coming home to a dark house, especially at night. One great feature home automation offers is automatic lighting. The use of smart bulbs ensures that your home will always be lit within by a warm glow. These bulbs automatically turn on when the sun starts to set, meaning that your house will never look unoccupied and inviting to robbers. You can also use IFTTT to know to turn on your automated lighting system, for example, when you unlock your smart front door.

IFTTT Keeps Your Home Cozy And Warm

With the use of IFTTT, your home can be programmed to your schedule to make sure it is warm and inviting at the right times, and cooled down the other. You will never come home to a cold house again. While many people turn the heat off when they leave in order to save money and energy, they then must turn it back on manually when they return. With IFTTT, this is a problem of the past. Schedule the heat to click on when the outside temperature drops below 60°, or run the AC when it rises about 75° (or whatever’s comfortable for you).

Home Automation Turns Your Home Into Your Own Personal Barista

While some of us are morning people, too many of us know how arduous and unpleasant a task it is to crawl out of bed and get ready for work on a Monday morning. The last thing you feel like doing is putting on your own coffee and standing around waiting for it. Home automation can vastly improve your mornings and make them pass more smoothly by giving you one less thing to worry about. Imagine having a freshly made pot of coffee up and ready for you to enjoy every morning with no extra stress or fuss. You can have this and more with home automation. Use IFTTT to schedule a fresh pot of coffee just as your alarm goes off. It’s like magic.

It might take some clicking and searching to find IFTTT recipes that can work with your home automation, but when you do find something, it’s a downright life changer.

Home Automation with Integrated Technologies Group

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