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Smart Homes and the Internet of Things

internet of things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is alive and well in the world of smart homes.

You may not know it yet, but you’re living among the Internet of Things. Even if you don’t yet have your smart home automation or integrated home technology set up yet, you’re already living in it. As Big-Brother-y as it sounds, it’s all around you and there’s nothing you can really do to stop it. But we promise it isn’t that grim at all. It’s actually kind of exciting. Keep reading to learn more.

What is the Internet of Things?

Put simply, the Internet of Things is term for the interconnectivity of all of the physical technological objects around us. It explains the network of devices, vehicles, buildings, and any other electronics, softwares, or sensors that all collect and exchange data to make our lives, generally, easier. If you’d like to learn more about the Internet of Things, Forbes wrote a great article about it back in 2014. Now, what about smart homes?

Smart Homes and the Internet of Things

Based on that simple definition, it should be clear that smart homes are the quintessential breeding ground of the Internet of Things. As your devices communicate, they’re forming an Internet of Things — from a smart thermostat that knows whether you’re in the room, to a lighting system controllable from your smartphone, to a security system that lets you track who’s going in and out of your house, and to everything in between. Even items like Amazon’s Echo are contributing to the automated home and Internet of Things revolution. Again, if you want to learn more, here’s a recent article from Business Insider about Amazon’s new line of IoT products.

As fascinating as all of this is, we as a society are really only in the very early stages of building the smart home of the future. At Integrated Technologies Group, we’re excited to keep evolving with the times, and to continue to bring you the best of integrated home technology as you build your Internet of Things.

Building the Internet of Things with ITG

Integrated Technologies Group has been providing the residents of Maryland with quality home security systems for over a decade. Along with offering a home

security system for your Maryland home, we also offer home theater services, home automation services, and central vacuum services. Integrated Technologies Group now provides the states of Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Delaware, and West Virginia with home security systems.

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