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Smart Tips for Smart Home Security

smart home security

Use these tips to keep your smart home safe whether you’re home or away.

Despite recent downward trends in property crime over recent years, it’s still a significant problem that plagues our country. It’s estimated that there is a home burglary in the United States about once every fifteen seconds. Luckily, for smart home owners (meaning both owners of smart homes and homeowners who are intelligent), there are steps you can take to reduce the risk of your home being broken into.

Using Smart Home Technology to Your Advantage

We wrote recently about the advantages of a home security system. That’s step number one. Installing a smart home security system will act both as your first line of defense against burglars, as well as your emergency response system if someone manages to break in anyway. However, a security or alarm system isn’t the only way to boost smart home security with integrated technology.

One of the most commons ways to get your home broken into is to make it known that you aren’t home. If you’re traveling, one of the best ways to trick criminals into thinking you’re home is to keep some lights on while you’re gone — but this can be draining for your electric bill. That’s where smart home technology comes in! With an integrated lighting system, or even with an integrated entertainment system, you can make it look like you’re home without overspending on energy. Either with connected apps or with pre-set timers, you can turn your lights or TV on at night to deter burglars from attempting to break into an occupied house. Bonus tip: turn on different lights each night you’re gone to fool even the wiliest of criminals.

That being said, smart home security systems, no matter the capacity, are your best bet for protecting your house, whether you’re home or away. Whether it’s a door lock or alarm that you can set and check the status of from your phone, or a surveillance system that you can keep an eye on on the go, integrated technology is there to keep you safe.

Home Security with ITG

Integrated Technologies Group has been providing the residents of Maryland with quality home security systems for over a decade. Along with offering a home

security system for your Maryland home, we also offer home theater services, home automation services, and central vacuum services. Integrated Technologies Group now provides the states of Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Delaware, and West Virginia with home security systems.

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