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Life Hacks: Scheduling Home Automation with IFTT (Part 2)

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Unlock a whole new world of home automation with IFTTT.

Last week on our blog, we brought you a few smart home life hacks that you can schedule with the awesome app, IFTTT (If This Then That). This week we’re back for round two, because there are just so darn many awesome things that you can do to combine your home automation technology with this scheduling app. If you missed last week’s post, you can find that right here. If you missed this week’s post…well it’s just down below, silly!

Print Pictures for Grandma…from Your Couch

Everyone knows how much grandmas love pictures of their babies and grandbabies. Well, thanks to the Internet of Things, it’s never been easier. Even if grandma is thousands of miles away, IFTTT and HP work together to send photos right from your smartphone to grandma’s HP ePrinter in seconds. This is also a great way for mom or dad to send pictures back home if they’re traveling for work, or for kids to send photos to mom and dad if they’re studying abroad. You get the picture. (See what we did there?) Learn more here.

Safeguard Your Home from Anywhere

Speaking of feelings that everyone knows, did you remember to lock the front door when you left for work this morning? Did you close the garage door before your beach trip? Wonder no more with home automation security and IFTTT. You can schedule your locks and automated doors to activate when you know you’ll be gone (and you can always double check with your home automation apps, just to be sure).

Save the World

Alright that might be a little bit of an exaggeration. But you can sure make efforts towards it! If you have an automated irrigation or sprinkler system, link up IFTTT. IFTTT can look at the Weather Channel’s forecast, understand whether there’s rain in the forecast, and tell your sprinklers not to activate on the day it’s going to rain. We know — welcome to the future. Learn more from IFTTT here.

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