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Life Hacks: A “Smarter” Morning Routine with Home Automation

Morning routine

Make mornings bright and happy again with home automation!

Mornings are hard. Unless you’re one of those crazy morning people, getting out of bed can be one of the hardest things to do all day, especially on a cold and/or rainy spring morning. Luckily, with the help of home automation technology, your morning routine can be a little bit easier. Keep reading this week’s blog post to learn a few ways to hack your morning routine with your smart home.

Rise and Shine

Do you have an impossible time waking up when it’s still dark in your room? Use your smart home to wake up bright and early (emphasis on “bright”). With automated lighting systems from Integrated Technologies Group, you can turn on your lights right from your smartphone without having to get up. Even better — you can preset a schedule for your lights to turn on with your alarm, so your body can start getting ready for the day without having to hit snooze.

A Warm Good Morning

While most of the cold is behind us for now, there are still come chilly spring mornings on the horizon before we get to the real good warm stuff. There are few things harder than making your way from bed to the shower when it’s too cold to leave your blankets behind. With smart home automation, you can warm up your morning routine by scheduling your thermostat to bump up a few degrees before you wake up in the morning. That way getting out of bed won’t be as bad.

Put Some Pep in Your Morning Routine

For some people, the morning can’t truly start until the first cup of coffee hits. Accelerate that process by having your coffee maker greet you with the lovely aromatics (and promises of caffeine) of a fresh pot of coffee. Whether it’s attached to an app-integrated outlet or whether the coffee maker itself has a built-in timer, this is just another small way to make your morning routine that much easier.

Home automation offers tons of benefits — simplifying your morning routine is just one of many. Stay tuned in every week for more on the fantastic benefits of integrated home technology!

Simplify Your Morning Routine with Integrated Technologies Group

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