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Home Automation Security: Can My Smart Home Be Hacked?

Home automation security

Protect your home automation systems from digital vulnerabilities.

In 2016, digital security and privacy is quite the hot topic. Just ask Apple CEO Tim Cook. As the Internet of Things continues to grow, it becomes increasingly important to protect your private and personal data, especially when it could mean the security of your family. We talk a lot about a automated home security, but that’s not what this blog post is about. (If you’re looking for that, let us cordially direct you here.) This week, we’re talking instead about security for your home automation system.

Protecting Your Smart Home from Being Hacked

Home automation is a booming industry, but not a lot of focus is being placed on educating homeowners about home automation security and privacy. As your personal Internet of Things continues to grow, you’re only adding potential vulnerabilities to hacking as you add devices. Here are some tips from PCWorld.com to keep your smart home safe and secure.


  • Safeguard the Router: The Internet router is basically the digital entryway to your home, so it should be kept as secure as your front door. A poorly secured router can allow an online attacker to easily access any and all of the connected devices in your network. It pays to research and invest in a router with a good track record for security.
  • Update Your Devices: Since the home automation industry is growing so fast, that means that there are constant updates to system software to keep everything as up-to-date as possible. Security boosts are very often part of those updates. Staying current on the latest software updates removes home automation security vulnerabilities with each turn.
  • Choose a Brand You Can Trust: We promise, this is actually on PCWorld’s list. At ITG, we have years of experience in the home automation industry, a team of highly trained technicians, and only the best partners at Alarm.com. We’re committed to your satisfaction and your safety, and home automation security is not something we take lightly.


Home Automation Security with Integrated Technologies Group

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