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What are the Benefits of Automated Wake Up Lights?

automated wake up lights

Alarm clocks are so old school. Have a more peaceful morning with automated wake up lights.

As home technology progresses, there are a million and one gadgets out there which claim to be the ultimate life hack. However, what is more important than how you start the day? Starting off with the uncomfortable jolt of a screaming alarm clock is often one of the most dreaded parts of a person’s day, and most of us do it almost every day. However, when you use a wake up light, this unpleasant experience becomes a thing of the past.

What Is a Wake Up Light?  

A wake up light is lighting timed to produce the effect of an artificial dawn in your bedroom to wake you up in the morning. This happens gradually, just as natural daylight would fill the sky. It gently pulls you from slumber to waking in a soothing and natural way, which can support a healthier hormone balance throughout the day.

The Benefits of a Wake Up Light

Many believe that the human body is intrinsically and instinctually tied to the rhythms of the earth after thousands of years of living here. A more centered and earth-minded approach has been proven to positively affect our mental health and well being in a number of ways. For example, the simple act of getting skin to skin connection has been proven to reduce stress hormones naturally. Being in tune with our ingrained responses to the earth’s rhythms is the ultimate life hack. Wake up lights:

-Support Morning Cortisol Response: Our cortisol levels should follow a circadian rhythm, where they peak in the morning and gradually decrease over the course of the day. Chronic stress causes irregular cortisol spikes, which can deplete cortisol reduction over time. This is commonly referred to as adrenal fatigue.  

-Balance Melatonin: Melatonin is a light responsive hormone which should be low in the morning and peak at night. Using wake up lighting helps to positively balance this hormone.

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