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Is Cutting the Cord Worth It? Cable vs. Streaming Television

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If you’ve thought about cutting the cable cord but aren’t sure, here are a few tips.

With the popularity of streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, more Americans are cutting the cable cord than ever. You might think your home theater won’t be the same without cable television, but you might also be surprised! Here are some different ways to cut the cord while still accessing all of the shows you know and love (and some new favorites!).

The Cable Lover

Do you find yourself mainly keeping up with the major networks and shows like New Girl, The Voice, or Modern Family? Hulu Plus offers current and up to date programming from major networks like FOX, NBC, ABC, and the CW. They even offer content from other non-major networks like Comedy Central. Still not satisfied with those options? You can subscribe to Sling TV through Dish Network. Sling offers access to AMC, TNT, TBS, ABC Family, and A&E for $20 a month. That price might be a little steep if you aren’t going to get much out of those networks, so make sure to pay attention to what you are really watching in your home theater before taking the plunge.

The Cable Picker & Chooser

If you watch what you consider to be the best of TV and shows that are critically regarded, you can save a lot by cutting out some of the major networks and simply subscribing to some premium services, like Netflix. Netflix is home to home theater favorites like House of Cards and Stranger Things. If you are an Amazon Prime user, you already have access to Prime Streaming, which includes Transparent and Alpha House.  Love watching your favorite television and movies on HBO? Subscribe month to month through your streaming device or online.

A Little Bit of Everything

If you enjoy watching a little bit of everything, consider subscribing to a bunch of different services. Even if you subscribed to HBO Now, Netflix, Hulu, CBS, and Amazon Prime Video, you would still save almost $250 annually!

Cut the Cord and Get Your Home Theater with Integrated Technologies Group

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