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Fight Leaves with a Central Vacuum

central vacuum

Leaves look great outside, but are a real hassle to clean up once they get tracked in.

Are you sick and tired of raking the leaves around your home? Have you been putting off the task and watching all of them slowly track in as your children come inside after trekking home from the bus stop? If you wish you could leave the leaves outside of your home, a central vacuum might be the perfect solution for you and your home.

What’s a Central Vacuum?

Chances are, you might not even know what a central vacuum for your home is. Portable vacuum cleaners are found in just about every household, but a central vacuum allows you to cut the cord and vacuum from just about anywhere. Installing a system doesn’t involve a huge remodel or tearing down the walls in your home to snake it through. Instead, all a central vacuum needs for installation is a hole covered with an inlet backing plate. Pipes for the vacuum can be put through an attic, basement, or other area that isn’t in heavy use.

Quiet and Easy

Central vacuums are quieter and easier to use than handheld or portable vacuums. Instead of the deafening roar that portable vacuums make, central vacuums are almost silent. The motor that powers the vacuum is located out of sight in the attic or basement, so you won’t have to hear it as it works. Beyond the quiet, a central vacuum is very easy to use. You don’t need to worry about hauling your upright vacuum from room to room as you do chores or clean up leaves. Instead, you can clean just about everywhere in your home from within the room with simple and easy attachments.

Reduced Allergens

Some people find themselves sneezing in the spring and fall due to the allergens in the air and all of the dust from the leaves. By installing a central vacuum in your home, you can bust the dust for good and buy fewer tissues. Central vacuums are fantastic at picking up allergens, dust, and dirt from your home and into the central area before they are exhausted outside.

Upgrade Your Vacuum with Integrated Technologies Group

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