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Save on Energy Costs this Winter with Home Automation

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During the holiday season you might find yourself with extra energy costs (we’re looking at you, lights), but you can use home automation to improve energy efficiency.

As days get shorter, mornings get colder, and you find yourself ordering hot coffee instead of iced, it is crystal clear (or should we say icy clear) that winter has arrived. A great way increase your energy efficiency this winter is by using home automation. While home automation might seem to mimic things that you are already doing, like turning off the lights when you leave the room and turning down the heat at night, it can offer you surprising benefits when it comes to energy efficiency.

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats offer you a huge amount of bang for your energy efficiency buck. While programmable thermostats seem like a good way to keep energy costs down, if you are not regularly monitoring the settings or adjusting it as you move locations in your home, you aren’t getting much value out of it. Smart thermostats are programmed to detect changes that trigger changes within the device itself. You can also remotely change its programming. Out at the grocery store and wanting the heat on when you walk in the door? Can do! Gone for a week and want to maximize your energy efficiency? The thermostat will turn off and stay off.

Smart Lighting Controls

Smart lights are another great way to cut costs and increase your energy efficiency. Lighting is the second highest category of home energy use, and swapping out your bulbs for LEDs isn’t the only thing you can do to save. Install occupancy sensors as part of your home automation package and enjoy lights on when you’re in the room and off when you leave it.

Smart Power Strips

Power strips are powerful (and huge power suckers). Different electronics in your home like televisions, video game consoles, and even coffee makers are using the electricity even when you aren’t using them. Smart power strips can turn off electronics when you leave the room or turn off specific outlets and not others.  

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