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Do You Need a Portable or Central Vacuum?

Central Vacuum

Tired of your old portable vacuum? Consider installing a central vacuum system.

We all have cleaning products for our home, and if we have carpets, pets, or children, a vacuum is usually included in that arsenal. Traditionally, the portable vacuum has been the go-to vacuum option for homeowners. Nowadays though, the central vacuum is gaining a lot of traction and popularity. Still, some aren’t sure about making the switch from portable to central. Here are some differences to consider when deciding between a portable or central vacuum.

Difference in Canisters and Bags

All portable vacuums have either a canister or bag that the debris you vacuum goes up into. This means that you have to still dispose of all that debris and dust, which can result in some messy cleanup. Unloading your canister and messing up may result in you having to vacuum all over again. With a central vacuum system, however, all of that dirt ends up in a canister outside. This will improve your overall air quality in your home and make cleanup even easier.

Convenience With a Central Vacuum

Many of the quality portable vacuums out there are cumbersome and difficult to transport around your home. This can be especially difficult for homes with multiple floors or people with limited movement. In contrast, a central vacuum doesn’t require you to lug equipment around. As long as you can get around your home, you can have vacuum access wherever you need it.

Quality Cleaning

Central vacuums are able to give your home a deeper clean thanks to their design. Their motors are much stronger since they can remain in one place, which will give you a much better clean than a portable vacuum would. If you’re looking to get the best quality vacuum, a central vacuum may be your best option for getting that really deep clean you’re looking for.

Integrated Technologies Group Can Help Integrate Your Vacuum

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