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Why Use Smart Security Systems?

Smart Security Systems

Why should you use a smart security system? Here’s ITG’s take.

Smart home technology is all the rage, and smart security systems are one of the best ways to dip your toes into the smart home waters. How can a smart security system totally change the way that you protect your property and your family?

Smart Security Systems Are Useful

Traditional security systems are designed to protect your property by setting off an alarm in the event of an intrusion or other emergency events. While traditional security systems are effective, smart security systems are useful all of the time. Want to know when your kids came home from school? Check your smart security system. Want to see who just rang your doorbell via video and let them know to leave the package on the back porch? Use your smart security system!

Smart Security Systems Are Easy to Use

Smart security systems are designed with the user in mind, unlike traditional security systems. They feature apps that can be downloaded directly to your phone or your tablet to keep you connected to your home as often as you’d like to be. Instead of dashing to the control panel to disarm your alarm when you get home, it’s as easy as tapping a button on your phone when you are driving home. Smart home security systems can also integrate with other smart home features like temperature control.

Smart Security Systems Are Proactive

Traditional security systems are reactive, as they work in response to an event that has already occurred, like a door or window opening. Smart security systems are designed to follow your typical living patterns and be proactive. Smart security systems can let you know that your toddler left their room at 2:00 AM for a late-night snack break or remind you that you never closed the garage door when you came home before bed.  

Smart Security Systems from Integrated Technologies Group

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