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Designing a Smart Home With Children in Mind

Smart Home

Having a smart home is great, but consider some features designed specifically for parents and their children.

Smart home tech is great for parents. Not only can it keep your child safe, but it will also make them the envy of the town. Everyone will be jealous of your fully integrated home. There are a few smart home features in particular that are great for children. Read more below to find out what smart home technology is great for kids!

Smart Locks

Installing smart locks on your windows and doors is a great way to make sure your children can always get in the home. You don’t have to worry about them losing their keys; and we all know children these days aren’t going to lose their cell phones. You can even set smart locks so certain people can only come in at certain times, a great feature when trying to consider your child’s safety.

Video Doorbell

Video doorbells are great because you don’t want your child unknowingly answering the door for the wrong person. It acts as a buffer, giving your child some time to call you or figure out what’s going on. You can also answer the doorbell remotely so you’re not letting people know that your child is home alone.

Smart Lighting

Do your kids constantly forget to turn the lights off when they leave the room? Just automate it. You’ll never have to worry about wasted power with smart bulbs. Your children will also love that the lights turn on when they get home from school, or that they can be used to help them get to sleep on stressful study nights. You can even program lights to help wake you up.

Smart Fridge

A smart refrigerator will make sure that your kids never run out of food. If your children are also prone to leaving the door open and letting food go bad, a smart fridge will alert you if this happens.

Make Your Home Smart for Kids

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