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Is the Fridge the Future Smart Home Hub?

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Will the fridge become the new super computer your family relies to keep organized?

Smart appliances are no longer just things from The Jetsons, and homes are getting more wired than ever thanks to home automation and other smart home products. The refrigerator is quickly becoming the future smart home hub thanks to innovative new models and the wide range of things that your refrigerator can do. Here’s the lowdown on the newest smart appliances and how they can help transform your life (okay, and make you feel like you are a Jetson).

Hold the Door

The door is one of the current areas of innovation on refrigerators. Many new fridges have huge touchscreens built right into the door. This is designed to replace the current mess of clutter on your fridge—post-it notes, magnets, photos, and scribbles on the calendar. By moving all of this to the screen on your smart fridge you can eliminate the clutter and even have it vanish when guests are over.


Beyond organization, you can also use the door fridge to do a whole host of other things to keep your family all on the same page, including:

Send to-do lists or reminders to your fridge from your compatible smartphone or an app

Display family photos

Display all of your smartphone calendars so that you can see everyone’s schedule that day and in future weeks

Stream music from built-in speakers for entertaining in the kitchen or to enjoy podcasts while you cook

Effortless syncing between all of the smartphones in your home and your fridge

What’s on the Inside?

The most exciting technology for fridges is that relating to all of the food inside. One new fridge uses cameras inside to take pictures of food every time you open and close the door. You can access these photos from your phone while you are at the grocery store trying to decide if you really need new milk. You can also set alerts for the expiration dates in the fridge so that you will never forget to cook the chicken again. Smart appliances are truly becoming ways to make your life easier at home.

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