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A Look at Alarm.com’s New Insight Engine

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Alarm.com’s new Insight Engine changes what you expect from a home security system.

Automated home security can transform your security system from a fence out front to maximum protection at all hours of the day and night. Alarm.com, one of the most popular home automation tools, has added a new insight engine to offer you unparalleled automated home security.

Unexpected Activity Notifications

This type of notification allows you to instantly see any potential security issues in and around your home. You won’t need to spend hours setting up all of the scenarios which you would like to receive push notifications for. Instead, we work to identify what unexpected activity is and notify you as we go.

How Do We Determine Unexpected Activity?

Obviously, some unexpected activity is not at all harmful. If you get home early from work, the kids are home on a snow day, or you leave the window cracked by accident, none of these are particularly worrying—even if you might receive a notification. However, the new insight engine works to determine your patterns over time. The longer that you use the automated home security, the more accurate the predictions will be.


For example, the front door gets a workout on weekday mornings as you and the kids leave for school, work, and let the dog out. However, if your door is getting a lot of use early on a Saturday, you might get an unexpected activity notification to make sure that your spike in routine isn’t someone looting your home.

How is the Insights Engine Different?

This automated home security engine is completely difference, as it has incredibly advanced machine learning capabilities. It learns from your home and from all of the other homes on the Alarm.com network to offer accuracy and common routines. We learn your routines, determine what unexpected activity is, and then jump in on your behalf to alert you and the proper authorities if anything unexpected occurs.

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