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Smart Home Trends 2017

smart home trends

In 2017, connectivity and integration are key.

Smart homes used to be reserved only for wacky science fiction films, but over the last few years they have taken a solid hold of reality, with homes getting smarter and smarter. The smart home trends of the last few years involved light bulbs with speakers or cameras, connected doorbells, and smart garage door openers. Many companies churned out different iterations of these products, or began to partner with those who already made them. That all is changing in 2017, as illustrated by numerous innovating companies at the Consumer Electronics Show.    

Integration Is King  

One example of this is Airmega, a smart air purifier, which has announced it’s integration with Amazon’s virtual personal assistant Alexa. This means that users turn the air purifier on and off with their voice and even ask for updates on air quality. The garage-door-opener maker Chamberlain announced its products will be made to compatible with Apple’s HomeKit starting July.

Appliances Get More Connected

While connected appliances are not exactly new, exciting new innovations are being made in this area all the time. Samsung has debuted a Family Hub 2.0 smart fridge and other companies are incorporating wifi into a vast range of appliances in new ways. Whirlpool is doing this across several price points to make the technology more accessible quickly. Connectivity is one of the biggest smart home trends, meaning you might have a talking oven or fridge before you know it. This will not only make for more convenient cooking, but a safer kitchen overall. GE has announced a partnership with Nest, whose smoke detector can turn off connected ovens if you accidentally burn food. This home automation safety upgrade could vastly prevent fire hazards.    

Smart Homes Are On Their Way To Becoming Standard

While homeowners may not yet be thinking of incorporating interconnected appliances into their homes, and may even want to wait until technology improves before installing them, others are thinking ahead. Having the items now gives you a chance to adjust and allows you to be ahead of the curve with helpful convenience and safety updates. These devices are only going to get smarter and better at communicating from here on out, and it’s only a matter of time before they are commonplace.

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