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Home Theater Trends That Will Define 2018

Home Theater

What trends will we see in terms of our home theater in 2018?

As consumers, we have more choices than ever when it comes to determining what our home theater system will look like. There’s a constant stream of developments in resolutions, TV tech, and even home sound systems. With all of these changes going on, it’s no wonder that trendsetters have their eyes on what 2018 will bring in terms of how we treat our home theater. Let’s take a look at some possibilities for what will be all the buzz of this year.

Voice Control

One innovation we’re seeing in the home theater space is more and more integration of voice controlled systems. Think about how recent digital, voice-controlled searches are on mobile phones—well, we’re likely to see a similar movement in the home theater domain. Some experts believe we’re likely to see 50 percent of all searches to be through voice control by 2020 so it’s no surprise that 2018 will bring big pushes for the technological development.

Wearables and Virtual Reality

Virtual reality and wearable headsets are already in the market, but until very recently, it’s been pretty expensive and inaccessible. These days, there are inexpensive VR sets that you can pop your phone into and watch a movie, all while feeling like you’re in an actual theater from the comfort of your living room. Right now, virtual reality largely caters to those interested in gaming, but as we create more home systems with wearable integration, we’ll see it enter into the realm of possibility for all home theater owners.

Social Media Integration

We’re already aware that social media plays a huge part in how we interact with television and film—we’re influenced by what we see on our various social media channels and use it to discuss with others. It should come as no surprise then that many manufacturers are looking into ways to integrate social media into the actual systems so you can chat with your friends while enjoying your favorite show.

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