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What Can a Smart Speaker Do?

Smart Speaker

Putting a smart speaker in your home can increase productivity and make your life much easier.

Alexa may just sound like a common name you’ve heard, but in this new age of technology, Alexa has taken on an entirely new meaning. It is one of many forms of artificial intelligence that are now being incorporated into your wireless speaker, creating the smart speaker. The speaker that was originally just used to enjoy music can now talk back to you, allowing you to make specific song requests, set alarms, ask for information, book a ride, and more.

Types of Smart Speakers

Smart speakers have just recently become popular in the past couple of years, but it has taken no time at all for companies to jump on board and create their own versions. Originally, the smart speaker was just focused on the smart features rather than the actual sound quality of the speaker as well. Now, we have a variety of options. Brands like Sonos has combined both great audio quality and an Alexa feature to help make your days easier. Google Assistant even allows you to link your speaker to your T.V, giving you the ability to watch netflix shows just by telling the speaker. Smart speakers are no doubt the next step in home automation.

What can a Smart Speaker Do?

Every smart speaker varies in their abilities, but they all center around being voice controlled. Their capabilities are comparable to that of Siri from the Apple Iphone, but they are quickly developing to be able to do way more. Their functions range from playing music to requesting an uber to even turning the lights on and off in your home. At this point, the possibilities are endless.

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