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3 Home Automation Myths Debunked

Home Automation

Don’t fall for these home automation myths that could prevent you from making your life easier!

Home automation can seem inaccessible to some homeowners. It’s still a relatively new wave of tech and as a result, there’s plenty of misinformation being spread about it. Still, a lot of homeowners are attracted to the ease of use that home automation can bring to their lives. If you’re interested in home automation but have heard some information that made you think otherwise, you may be a victim of one of the many pervasive myths of smart homes. Let’s take a look at what they might be and why they aren’t the case.

1. My Home Isn’t Big Enough!

Some think that only big homes are the ones that can benefit from home automation, but the reality is that there’s smart home tech for everyone. No matter what size home you may have, there could be a piece of smart tech for you. While a central vacuum may not be a realistic option, for example, something like smart locks could really improve the way you live your day-to-day live and make things far more convenient for you.

2. It’s Costly

It’s understandable that some people think home automation is too expensive considering how new it is and how many options there are. While smart home tech was originally pretty pricey, things have since changed. There are often starter kits that come with a few things you can use to dip your feet into the world of home automation without breaking the bank. Every year, we’ve seen smart home tech become more and more affordable, so we’ll likely see even more affordable technology in the near future.

3. I Won’t Know How to Use It

Some homeowners falsely believe that smart home tech is inaccessible and difficult to use. The reality is that one of the number one goals of innovators and designers in this field is to create technology that the everyday homeowner is supposed to be able to use. The whole point of home automation is to make your life easier and if it was difficult to use, that wouldn’t be the case!

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