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Would You Benefit from a Home Intercom System?

Intercom System

The right intercom system can make a huge difference in how you treat security.

Home intercom systems are usually associated with apartment living where they may be a necessity to let your friends in and out of your home. For everyone else, an intercom system may seem like a lot of effort to install with very few benefits to justify that. The reality is that the right intercom system can make your home more user-friendly and have huge benefits for everyone in the family.


Of course, the biggest reason to invest in an intercom system is basic convenience. Enjoy the ability to be able to unlock doors from different places in your home or see who’s at your door before letting them in. It definitely makes your life a whole lot easier and is like an upgraded, fancy version of your old school peephole. It makes something like talking to someone outside your door–rather than having to open it and talk to them directly–a lot easier as well.

Increased Security

Adding a video element to your intercom system completely changes the way you treat security. Now you’ll be able to look at someone and verify they are who they say they are before letting them into your home, or if installed outside, you can even stop them before they get into your great. It’ll also serve as a deterrent for anyone who may want to break into your home or anyone seeking to forcibly enter your house, as there’s a camera watching them at all times.

Looking to the Future

The good news is that intercom systems are getting better and better. These systems were initially just speakers and mic systems, but over time, they’ve evolved to include even more features. This includes video surveillance as well as key card systems or even voice activation. This will keep your home safe while also keeping you more in touch with security and whoever comes to your door.

Integrated Technologies Group Can Help Integrate Your Intercom System

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