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Is Home Automation Vulnerable to Hacking?

Home Automation

Hackers taking control of your smart home may seem scary but it’s easily preventable.

With all the advances in home automation–and all the concerns about cybersecurity–it’s no wonder that some people are afraid of their homes getting hacked. Educating homeowners on security and privacy just aren’t the primary focuses of the smart home industry even though it’s a critical aspect. As you add more elements to your system, the more potential vulnerabilities you’re adding. The good news is, it’s pretty safe to keep your home protected from hackers.

Update Everything

There are constant updates to devices and applications that may seem unnecessary. After all, if it doesn’t add a new feature for you to play around with, is it really worth the time to download it? The fact is, many of these updates contain valuable security boosts that will keep your system safe. Software updates will ensure that your system is as protected as the manufacturer can make the system, so you’ll be sure that you’re up-to-date with the latest security needs.

Protect Your Router

A router or modem can act as a gateway into your entire system. When it comes to your router, be sure that you keep a secure password on your network. There’s no bigger mistake you can make in home automation security than putting an easily guessable password on your router. You’ll also want to purchase a router with a good track record for security, so be sure to check consumer reviews and decide which one is best for you. Doing your research could be the difference between a secure network and one that is susceptible to hacking.

Work With Trustworthy Products and People

Your router isn’t the only thing that needs to be well-known for quality. Any of your smart home products should be researched and double-checked to make sure that they don’t have any glaring security problems–to do this, you may want to check consumer reviews and see if there are a lot of reports of something going wrong. When it comes to choosing a smart home installer, go with the experts that have a good reputation and you’ll rest easy knowing that your smart home is totally secure.

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